Want to Be the Most Important Person in Your Customers’ Lives? Get Certified in Customer Experience

certified customer experience professional

Employers throughout all industries, whether a small business with a few employees or an international organization, agree that customer experience certification is a valuable asset for their workers. In fact, a study by the Customer Experience Professionals Association found that 72% of employers would agree with that statement.

Obtaining certification in Customer Experience, whether as a CCXP (Certified Customer Experience Professional) or a CXS (Customer Experience SpecialistTM), can provide a wide range of benefits for a new learner, entry-level employee, experienced manager, or even someone in the C-Suite.

Advantages of Earning Customer Experience Certification

  • Enhanced credibility: A certification demonstrates your expertise and commitment to the CX field, signifying that you have undergone a rigorous evaluation process, met high standards, and it will differentiate you from others in the field. Our program is recognized by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) and aligns to their 5 pillars of customer experience. 
  • Industry recognition: Certification as a CCXP and CXS are widely recognized and respected in the industry. Employers, clients, and colleagues acknowledge the value of these certifications, which can lead to increased opportunities and career advancement.
  • Expanded knowledge and skills: By pursuing certification, you will deepen your understanding of the discipline and acquire valuable knowledge and skills related to CX strategy, design, measurement, and implementation. As a certified CX professional, you increase your chances of earning more and having career advancement opportunities.
  • Competitive advantage: Employers often seek candidates who can demonstrate their expertise in driving exceptional customer experiences, and having a certification will give you a unique advantage in a competitive job market.
  • Professional growth and advancement: New doors can open to career growth and advancement. You will be well-positioned as a qualified professional capable of leading and driving positive CX experiences within organizations, leading you to higher-level roles and responsibilities.
  • Networking opportunities: The programs offered by CXU give you access to a community of like-minded professionals, such as in our 90 Days Roadmap to CCXP and Applied Customer Journey Mapping programs.
  • Continuous learning and development: Certified professionals have the opportunity to maintain certification and stay up to date with the latest trends, strategies, and innovations in CX, fostering continuous learning and growth throughout their careers. Our library of content is updated regularly, ensuring you have access to trends in CX.

The Path Forward

CX University offers a path to becoming a Customer Experience Specialist (CXS)™. Our 90 Days Roadmap to CCXP program will immerse you in short-term professional development with access to online courses, virtual course reviews and discussions with other colleagues, expertly guided by our CX specialists, and, finally, lots of preparation to sit for the CXS or CCXP certification exam.

Take your career to the next level with professional training in Customer Experience, prove your mastery and skills, and benefit from the advantages of earning Customer Experience Certification. Become the MIP (Most Important Person) in your customers’ lives.


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Mohamed Latib

Mohamed Latib

Mohamed Latib, Ph.D. is the founder and CEO of CX University. Mohamed has been involved in CX work for over 30 years. In his previous company that he co-founded he implemented customer feedback solutions for such brands as Kohl’s Department Stores, Fossil, TransUnion, The World Bank, Project Management Institute, Citi Bank and many others. He provided executive briefings going past key metric dashboards to identify strategic insights. Mohamed has also designed and delivered numerous CX workshops and training modules for Delaware North, Konica Minolta, Crowe Horwath, Singapore Post, Malaysia Telekom, and Reliant Energy among many others. He has led numerous culture transformation initiatives and has done senior executive development work for Air Products, Pennsylvania Power & Light, Siemens, Smithfield Meats, Dominion Textiles, Unisys, and others. The author of many articles and professional papers, Dr. Latib, holds an MS in Psychology, MBA and a Ph.D. in Business Administration (Organizational Behavior, Human Resources, and Strategy) from the Fox School of Business and Management, Temple University.

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