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1902, 2018

Valid Measurement Tool for CX Knowledge now available through CX University

CX University announces today updates to its CX Quotient (CXQ), a measurement tool to benchmark one’s knowledge about Customer Experience (CX) competencies. Originally released in 2017, the CXQ underwent testing [...]

2901, 2018

CX University Partners with Montgomery County Community College to Offer College Credits

CX University (CXU) announces today a new partnership with Montgomery County Community College (MCCC) that will grant students who complete CXU’s Online Course programs to earn college credits. Both employers [...]

3010, 2017

CXU Announces New Consulting Services for CX Financial Measurement

CX University (CXU) announced today the official launch of Customer Experience (CX) Financial Consulting Services. Scott McCallister, new to CXU as VP of Consulting, will spearhead the mission to [...]

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A Prerequisite for Customer Centricity and Transformative Growth

As soon as an organization wants to embrace a change initiative like customer experience, it runs smack-dab into tradition, and [...]

  • small business owner customer experience

Are small businesses missing out on Customer Experience as a way to grow?

Do you know how much small and medium-size businesses (SMEs) contribute to total GDP growth? This segment, comprised of your [...]

  • chatbot technology customer experience

The Core of Your Digital Transformation in CX

In today’s economy, there are two things that you must do. You must deliver a customer experience (CX) that is [...]

  • digital disruption and customer experience

Which is more integral to success: Digitization or customer experience?

In an era when disruptors like Uber, Netflix, and Amazon are reimagining markets and eroding the boundaries between markets, incumbents [...]

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