Advancing the CX Discipline

CXU is partnered with Moravian University to grant learners up to six graduate business credits.

Moravian University graduate credits

A New Partnership in Education

CX University and Moravian University jointly announce the launch of their partnership:

The CX800 Graduate Credit Series

Immerse yourself in the comprehensive and engaging CX or PX Graduate Credit Series covering the six major areas of Customer or Patient Experience.

The Graduate Credit Series is ideal for professionals who want to be content experts and leaders in their field following Customer or Patient Experience philosophies and practices.

What Our Learners Are Saying

Jeff Hursey
As a Contact Center Consulting Systems Engineer for Cisco Systems, one of my responsibilities is to lead business-to-business discussions around customer experience. As such, I decided to lend greater credibility to my messaging by obtaining a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) certification. Since I was already a member of the Customer Experience Professional Association (CXPA), I knew they had an Authorized Resource and Training Provider program. After reviewing their list of authorized training providers on their website—, I decided to enroll in CX University. I am very satisfied with CX University, as it is through their program that I received knowledge in the six core competencies needed to pass the CCXP exam. Further, CX University exceeded my expectations in that each module provided me with information and tools that I could immediately apply in my work. I am immensely grateful to Dr. Latib and his staff for their knowledge, support, insights, and passion. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with the CX University staff, my fellow students, and future students of CX University. I am interested in knowledge and not certification and this has already done it for me.
Greek Flag
The CX course provided by CX University is a great course for learning the necessary notions of Customer Experience and creating pillars in someone’s mind. I encourage everyone interested in the topic in pursuing it, especially corporations for their customer support teams.

Elena Andrei



Jarrod Michel
CX University has been significant in getting me up to speed on all things CX. So far, I’ve taken the first two courses, CX501 and CX502. The information has been very thorough, and I have appreciated the balance between written materials and videos. And of course, who can’t be helped by the myriad of stories and examples shared by other organizations who are currently honing their own CX work. Even with only two courses taken so far, the information has already produced practical changes and benefits to my organization. As time allows, I will continue along their program of courses, as I keep an eye on CCXP certification at some point. Lastly, CX University’s support has been indicative of the CX experience they want to share, and have come to embody themselves. A big thank you to Sue, for always being available to help out with any issues, and to provide encouragement. You must work with a smile on your face.

Our Partnership with Moravian University

Moravian University graduate credits

You can earn Graduate Credits in a couple of ways:

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    Moravian University graduate credits