Sacred Cows Webinar Hosted by Mohamed Latib

PHILADELPHIA, PA – April 5, 2017 – CX University recently offered a free live webinar facilitated by Mohamed Latib, PhD, entitled, “Creating Sacred Cows and Extinguishing Moose.” This webinar provided useful information and strategies for professionals who need to win their leadership over in transitioning their organization to be more customer centric and Customer Experience focused.

Dr. Latib has found that buy-in for CX initiatives is only half the problem professionals face, “One of the most enduring challenges that CX practitioners encounter is lack of support from leadership. And if they succeed in getting leadership support they encounter the ‘knowing-doing’ or ‘what-how’ gap.” The Sacred Cows webinar will go beyond giving tools for convincing leadership to employ CX by sharing practical wisdom for how to make Customer Experience a driving force in an organization.

The Sacred Cows Webinar

The free webinar was held live on Wednesday, April 5 at 12:00pm (Eastern time zone). Survey feedback from attendees of the webinar revealed the positive public reaction of the webinar and Sacred Cows topic. The majority of viewers found the webinar “Useful and Relevant” (91.1%), “Informative” (91.1%), and they were “Satisfied with the Event” (91.4%).

Survey feedback Sacred Cows WebinarMohamed also received resounding positive feedback for hosting the webinar on the 11 Sacred Cows of Customer Experience:

“Great job by Mohamed. I loved the reference to sacred cows and moose, the concepts seemed to stay with me better.”

“Excellent content delivered professionally. I look forward to the eBook, and I hope to receive a link so I can replay and review this presentation.”

“Nice to see these and provided some thought provoking insights to consider when working to enhance our CX program. Thank you.”

“Very informative and enjoyable. Thanks.”

“Very informative and engaging. Contributed greatly to my understanding of CX.”

“Thank you! It was a good overview of the key ingredients to developing a CX program. I look forward to the eBook.”

To read more about the webinar and Mohamed’s Eleven Sacred Cows of CX, go to his recent blog post. A recording of the webinar is also available for viewers through CX University’s YouTube channel.

The Upcoming Sacred Cows eBook

Anyone interested in learning more about the Eleven Sacred Cows of Customer Experience will be able to download their copy of the free eBook, expected to be released next week. More about the eBook, “The Eleven Sacred Cows of Customer Experience (CX),” can be found on the CX University webpage.

About Mohamed Latib and CX University

Mohamed is the founder and CEO of CX University, a professional development and training organization that creates online learning and eModules for the Experience discipline, such as Customer Experience and Patient Experience. Additionally, CX University offers custom corporate eLearning and Action Learning Workshops across the globe.

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