The Eleven Sacred Cows of Customer Experience

Sacred Cows Customer Experience

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Far too often I have heard practitioners say that they are challenged to get leadership support for their CX initiatives. Have you heard the same? I have also heard that practitioners must make a case to win support. But to make a case one must have data, and in the absence of data (except for third party references) what does one do?

Making the Case for Buy-in

Be bold in your case making. Make these bold assertions and demand a response. The case is simple: if whoever you ask answers ‘NO’ to even a single question you have more work to do. If on the other hand you answer ‘YES’ to all you are ready for change.

This article is not designed to prove, but to propose; as such, it seeks to generate discussion rather than persuade. It is about asking others if they disagree with any of the SACRED COWS. Sacred Cows are policies, procedures and initiatives that are essential for successful CX initiatives. Their counterparts are “Moose”- those outdated routines of the past that everyone hangs onto because of resistance to change. Sacred Cows force companies to hunt “Moose” down and extinguish them because they no longer serve useful purposes.

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Let’s take the Scared Cows test!

  • Sacred Cow 1: CX is everyone’s business.
  • Sacred Cow 2: CX should be at the center of the strategy table discussion.
  • Sacred Cow 3: CX should be about building habits.
  • Sacred Cow 4: CX should be about architecting safety scaffolds for innovative thinking.
  • Sacred Cow 5: CX is about employee engagement.
  • Sacred Cow 6: CX is about collaboration.
  • Sacred Cow 7: CX is about breaking silos.
  • Sacred Cow 8: CX is about brand differentiation.
  • Sacred Cow 9: CX is about business performance.
  • Sacred Cow 10: CX is about stepping into the customer’s world.
  • Sacred Cow 11: CX is about transforming the culture of organizations.

These eleven Sacred Cows are assumptions and a litmus test for the willingness and preparedness for any organization considering building a customer-centric culture. If you answered ‘NO’ to a single Sacred Cow then you have more work to do internally to change mindsets.

If you answered yes to all eleven sacred cows, you are ready to undertake a major transformation process.

Mohamed Latib

Mohamed Latib

Mohamed Latib, Ph.D. is the founder and CEO of CX University. Mohamed has been involved in CX work for over 30 years. In his previous company that he co-founded he implemented customer feedback solutions for such brands as Kohl’s Department Stores, Fossil, TransUnion, The World Bank, Project Management Institute, Citi Bank and many others. He provided executive briefings going past key metric dashboards to identify strategic insights. Mohamed has also designed and delivered numerous CX workshops and training modules for Delaware North, Konica Minolta, Crowe Horwath, Singapore Post, Malaysia Telekom, and Reliant Energy among many others. He has led numerous culture transformation initiatives and has done senior executive development work for Air Products, Pennsylvania Power & Light, Siemens, Smithfield Meats, Dominion Textiles, Unisys, and others. The author of many articles and professional papers, Dr. Latib, holds an MS in Psychology, MBA and a Ph.D. in Business Administration (Organizational Behavior, Human Resources, and Strategy) from the Fox School of Business and Management, Temple University.

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