CX University is Launched

New Online Customer Experience Education Program First to Fill a Need

Study shows 82% of customer experience professionals want more education

Philadelphia, PA – December 1, 2015 – After more than a decade of writing and speaking about the values of customer experience in the retail, hospitality, financial and health care industries, Mohamed Latib, Ph.D., is launching CX University, the first comprehensive, online curriculum to teach the elements of customer experience.

“The difference between a great executive and an exceptional one is a disposition to learn,” says Latib, who has over 35 years of corporate higher education experience curating programs to improve individual and companywide performance.

Latib said that surveys he and others have conducted influenced him to use his expertise to create an education program that is affordable, easily accessible, and universally applicable across all industries.  The content has been expertly designed for rapid learning so that participants can quickly start using their newfound knowledge to assure a positive customer experience.

“CX University will be the premier center for customer experience education, training, and contemporary knowledge,” Latib said. The company’s “learn anywhere and anytime” model features teaching concepts that are immediately applicable. “It’s not just about what to learn, how to learn, when to learn, and why to learn – it is also about action learning, building relevance through immediate application.”

Diane Magers, a member of CXU’s Thought Leader Faculty group observes, “The clarity of how to launch, accelerate, and find the rewards of customer engagement are the hallmark of this dynamic curriculum. Wherever you are in your journey, you need someone beside you. CXU is there both now and in the future as you grow your skills and your CX acumen.”

To learn more about CX University or to register for the program leading to professional certification, go to

CX University

CX University

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