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Dear CXU Program Participant:

Welcome to CX University (CXU)! We are delighted that you have entered into a journey with us to develop mastery of the CX discipline. This Monthly Brief will include a Professional Development Corner to share issues pertinent to adult professional development. Our Point of View will have the latest thought leadership articles on subjects both provocative and practice enhancing.

Mohamed Latib-Customer Experience Certification Training
Mohamed Latib, PhD, Founder & CEO of CX University

I have had the pleasure of being a full tenured professor, Dean, and VP at various universities. One of the enduring principles that I adhered to in the MBA programs I developed and ran in Europe, Latin America and the US was always to ensure that working adults received relevant and practical knowledge grounded in research.

We are committed to doing so in the program and delivering an exemplary learning experience. We will continuously monitor the landscape of our discipline and immediately make changes we feel will keep our program fresh.

As an Upgraded Subscriber to our Online Course series, you will receive a new CXU Student Brief each month. Be assured of our commitment to making this journey enriching and enjoyable.

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Get Ready for Online Learning!

Everyone has heard that a journey of a 1000-miles begins with a single step. The same is true in online learning. Your online CX journey begins with a single click.

Today, adult learners have many responsibilities. Work, family, friends, sports, community events, and hobbies place demands on your time. You probably have worked out a delicate balance between these competing forces. Now you are ready to expand your knowledge of CX and strengthen your career skills. The concept of online learning is very appealing because you can learn at your own pace, anywhere, and at any time. It sounds great, doesn’t it? Your online learning is convenient, but it also represents another demand on your already valuable time. Do not fear, you can learn to manage your CXU course work while still maintaining your busy work, family, and social obligations. Here are a few strategies to help you succeed in your online learning experience:

  • Establish a routine now and stick to it. Pick a time that you can work on your CXU courses. Make sure you have a quiet place to read and study. Log on to the course frequently. Plan on spending 2 or more hours a week completing your courses.
  • Plan ahead. You know how long you have to complete your courses and prepare for the Customer Experience Specialist (CXS)™ certification exam. Stay on schedule. Remember, online learning is a more convenient way to learn, not an easier way. Contact me, your Learning Specialist, if you need any help.
  • Create a course file for each CXU course you take.Print and keep the syllabus, articles, and playbooks for each CXU course you take.  These materials will be useful as you prepare for the certification test.
  • Technical requirements. Make sure you have unlimited access to a computer and the Internet. You will need this access to complete your coursework.
  • Never give up! Everyone has good and bad days. If you need help, ask for it. If you fall behind one week, get back into the course and keep trying.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact me at any time. At CX University, we want you to have a meaningful and beneficial learning experience.

Happy Learning!


Sue Mettlen, Ed.D.

CXU Chief Learning Officer

CX Point of View Series


CX Point of View Series

Prove the value of your CX initiatives! 

In this 3-part series, authors Scott McCallister and Mohamed Latib fight the good fight for CX by insisting practitioners measure their CX initiatives using hard data, thus underlining the real ROI and financial outcomes (success) of CX-centered strategies.



Customer Experience will be a Fad without a Better Business Case

By Scott McCallister and Mohamed Latib

Widely used Customer Experience measures provide soft associations with benefits instead of hard numbers on financial investment results.

Part of the Series: Financial Measurement is Critical for the Future of CX

Over the last fifteen years, many corporations have embraced the goal of creating a superior Customer Experience (CX). The principle is powerfully intuitive – customers that have an emotional attachment to your brand or products will buy more and build a reputation that attracts more customers.

The promise of growth and competitive advantage is so enticing that large investments have been made despite a weak business case for an attractive return. All CX gurus state that a connection to the company bottom-line is important, but few discuss the hard details on how to do that. The current business case for CX rests on weak correlation analyses.

To convince the C-Suite to sustain investment, CX initiatives must show a cause and effect relationship on revenue growth and profitability. Without quantitative evidence, CX principles risk becoming the latest business strategy fad.

Click to continue reading on about Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Score, and how to build the case for CX…

About the Author: Scott McCallister

Scott McCallister is CX University’s VP of Consulting

Scott McCallister-Online Courses in Customer Experience

Scott McCallister is a senior executive who excels at strategic management. He combines creativity and objective analysis to define winning market positions, identify growth opportunities and develop integrated business strategies. Scott is a hands-on leader who establishes strong financial and operating discipline to redefine processes, measure progress and guide profitable delivery of products and services.

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