Unlocking the Benefits of Specialized Training Companies for Online Professional Development Programs

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In today’s fast-paced business landscape, investing in the professional development of employees is essential for organizations to remain competitive and adaptable. Demographic shifts in mature markets are prompting corporations to increase efforts to establish a pipeline of future leaders. Organizations in expanding areas must establish talent strategies that are both agile and effective at attracting and maintaining key personnel. To achieve these objectives, businesses must take a comprehensive, methodical strategy for acquiring, developing, engaging, and retaining vital personnel. In this article, we explore the advantages of leveraging these strategies, focusing on cost-effectiveness, ability to tailor programs to meet unique organizational needs, and proficiency in creating tiered and tailored programs.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

One of the most significant advantages of utilizing specialized training companies for online professional development programs is cost-effectiveness. Developing an in-house training program can be a resource-intensive endeavor, requiring substantial investments in content creation, instructional design, learning management systems, and technology infrastructure. By outsourcing this function to a specialized training company, organizations can save on upfront costs and ongoing maintenance expenses.

Moreover, specialized training companies often have established partnerships with industry experts and access to a wide range of resources, including e-learning platforms, multimedia content, and assessment tools. Leveraging these existing resources significantly reduces the financial burden on organizations, enabling them to provide high-quality training without incurring exorbitant costs.

2. Tailoring to Meet Unique Organizational Needs

Every organization has its own unique set of goals, challenges, and workforce requirements. Off-the-shelf training programs may not always align perfectly with these specific needs. Specialized training companies excel in customizing online professional development programs to fit the requirements of individual organizations.

The enterprise learning solutions at CX University offer specialized delivery of Customer Experience (CX) training. A multinational banking organization, UBA, sought services from CX University to improve their customer experience and meet key performance indicators (KPIs). CX University conducted an in-depth analysis of a recent client, United Bank for Africa (UBA).

After the review period, UBA leaders co-developed a fully-fledged training program for the entire organization. The employees of UBA were engaged in interactive online modules that covered various aspects of CX, such as understanding customer needs, effective communication, and problem-solving techniques. The program also included real-life case studies and simulations to provide practical experience.

Nancy Mpiere, Head Customer Experience, UBA Congo

I just concluded my ISO 9001 Lead Implementer Certificate (in French) when I started CXU courses. The course with CXU (in English) has allowed me to have a 360° insight regarding the Customer Experience discipline (internationally). Customer Experience has come to stay as the backbone and competitive advantage for companies whose vision involves sustainability and solid brand perception.

Along the way, I have also been able to read the different (standard) steps taken by UBA Group, my employer, in putting in place its customer-first philosophy.

UBA knows where it is going in terms of CX and CXU’s courses and training are a real compass in the pursuit of an optimal and excellent customer experience. I highly recommend it.

Cynthia Nkirote, Customer Insights Manager, UBA United Bank for Africa

I’m grateful for the opportunity to have undertaken the CXS certification course offered by CX University. The program is well structured and allows you to focus on the key aspects of CX, in depth, while literally putting things in perspective from the numerous case studies. I also liked that the classes consisted of CX professionals from around the world, providing an opportunity to share on best practices, as we network. CX University is great for CX professionals looking to advance their knowledge and skill.

3. Improving Overall Customer Experience and Meeting KPIs

As employees of UBA progressed through the CX training program, they gained valuable skills and knowledge that directly translated into improved customer experiences. The emphasis on understanding customer needs and effective communication empowered employees to deliver personalized and empathetic interactions, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

The success of the tailored CX training program designed by CX University showcased the ability of specialized training companies to address specific organizational challenges and drive measurable outcomes. The collaboration between UBA and CX University resulted in a more customer-centric culture within the organization, leading to enhanced brand reputation and long-term business growth.


Partnering with specialized training companies to design online professional development programs offers numerous advantages for organizations. The cost-effectiveness of outsourcing training development, combined with tailored programs that meet unique organizational needs, enables companies to provide high-quality training without breaking the bank. Moreover, the success story of UBA and CX University demonstrates how specialized training programs can improve overall customer experience, meeting key KPIs and driving business success.

As businesses strive to remain competitive and adapt to the evolving workplace landscape, investing in the professional development of employees has become a strategic imperative. By leveraging the expertise of specialized training companies, organizations can unlock the full potential of their workforce, foster a culture of learning, and drive long-term success.

Mohamed Latib

Mohamed Latib

Mohamed Latib, Ph.D. is the founder and CEO of CX University. Mohamed has been involved in CX work for over 30 years. In his previous company that he co-founded he implemented customer feedback solutions for such brands as Kohl’s Department Stores, Fossil, TransUnion, The World Bank, Project Management Institute, Citi Bank and many others. He provided executive briefings going past key metric dashboards to identify strategic insights. Mohamed has also designed and delivered numerous CX workshops and training modules for Delaware North, Konica Minolta, Crowe Horwath, Singapore Post, Malaysia Telekom, and Reliant Energy among many others. He has led numerous culture transformation initiatives and has done senior executive development work for Air Products, Pennsylvania Power & Light, Siemens, Smithfield Meats, Dominion Textiles, Unisys, and others. The author of many articles and professional papers, Dr. Latib, holds an MS in Psychology, MBA and a Ph.D. in Business Administration (Organizational Behavior, Human Resources, and Strategy) from the Fox School of Business and Management, Temple University.

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