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Break Silos with This Secret Customer Experience Weapon: Cascading Collaboration

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People live in their own functional domains. They have their responsibilities, their metrics, and they can become defenders of their domains. Though from the best intentions, internal competition ultimately creates the reactionary boundaries that we have come to call silos, which harm an organization in ways that are becoming increasingly fatal. I won’t spend an inordinate [...]

Mapping Customer and Employee Journeys

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CX journey mapping no longer lives within the confines of just customer journeys - organizations and practitioners have to expand their scopes to include employees as well since the two groups are so interconnected. Read and explore this infographic to learn more.

Learning Patient Experience in the Dark Ages

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What is old is new again… or is it? In 1995 a benchmark study related to timely administration of antibiotics in pneumonia patients ignited the energy around fixing the problem of delay by making the processes patient-centric. We didn’t have the understanding of patient and customer experience or the software programs to help identify and solve [...]