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Mastering Customer Centricity discusses the necessary steps you can take to truly delight and retain your customers. Watch as Mohamed Latib, CXU Founder and CEO, and SPLICE Software’s Janelle Boris discuss approaches to transform your organization to a customer centric enterprise.

Read the webinar overview:

What were the top three take-away’s?

  • Defining customer centricity & why it’s important.
  • Tips to approach customer centricity smartly; leveraging the best practices of key players.
  • Determining when to seek leadership & alignment imperatives.
  • What were the top three questions covered in Q&A?

Q. How do I bring this idea [customer centricity] to my management team to make them understand the impact?

A. It goes beyond customer centricity. There’s a lot of resistance to something that’s new – and a focus on customer experience is new. So, resistance should be anticipated. As a result, it’s important to be able to engineer a process where you can co-opt your senior leadership into the solution. This means establishing a business case where senior executives become part owners of the initiative through: (1) determining the ‘definition’ of the initiative, (2) confirming the possibilities, (3) agreeing on the analysis that needs to be done, and (4) establishing a business case where they [senior leadership] can become part owners of the initiative.

Q. Do you recommend bringing a customer experience (CX) expert on board or focusing on an internal approach?

A. First, ask yourself rhetorical questions like: Do you know what a customer retention strategy is? Do you know how to build a customer journey map? Do you understand what kinds of CX metrics are out there? Are you familiar with the customer feedback systems available, so you can readily take action? If the answer to these questions is “no”, then you need a CX expert to come in – they will guide & help you. The CX field has developed quite rapidly over the last 5 years and there’s a lot going on that experts can bring to the table so you can be competitive.

Q. Does the employee or the customer always come first when tackling customer centricity?

A. This is a chicken and egg question. It is not a case of which comes first – both should be treated equally. You cannot perform competitively without focusing on the customer AND the employee. There needs to be an intimate marriage between your employees and your customers. Looking at Ritz Carlton and Zappos, examples that were used during my presentation in terms of performance – or any organizations who are considered leaders in CX delivery – and you will see they out perform CX laggards by a mile because they focus on both.

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