||CXU Revamps Course Offerings

CXU Revamps Course Offerings

CX University Revamps its Course Offerings to Promote Their “Learn on the Go” Philosophy

PHILADELPHIA, PA – June 15, 2016 – The online course offerings by CX University have gained enough momentum that the organization can now take its next step in revamping how their custom curriculum is presented. The launch of Online Courses is aimed to provide self-paced, independent learning to all professionals interested in understanding customer experience.

The final release of the 6-Core Courses in customer experience is expected to occur by the end of this summer. Currently, professionals can access three courses: Customer Experience Strategy, Customer Centric Culture, and Organizational Adoption and Accountability. All Online Courses are available for purchase individually or as a 6-course bundle at a discounted rate.

CX University is the first of its kind to offer such comprehensive, professional development courses exclusively hosted online. The curriculum is custom-developed by CXU-affiliated experts and includes lessons, seminal articles, best practice information, videos, and tools to assess knowledge and skills. Course graduates are awarded certificates of completion to prove their involvement in professional development and training.