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Since the launch of CX University in late 2015, the Online Courses have been touted as the most comprehensive professional development courses offered on the market. After carefully cultivating and analyzing the testing scores of CXU learners over the past year, the results clearly show the difference CXU Online Courses make. Since the launch of courses in 2016, we’ve been keeping track of performance scores gathered from the CX Practice Tests. CXU customers can purchase the CX Practice Tests to help them prepare for CCXP Certification or generally as a tool to measure their CX knowledge or gaps in understanding. Additionally, the CX Practice tests are offered free of charge to Online Course students as a summative evaluation of their learning. The performance results are calculated by comparing the difference in scores between those who took the Online Course and then the CX Practice Tests (CXU Students) and simply those who took the CX Practice Test with no course preparation beforehand (Non-Students). Examine the table below to see the stark comparison between the two groups.
CX Quotient data1
Table 1.
The table shows that Online Course Students consistently scored higher in each competency area as well as on the Overall Score of the CX Practice Test. In some competencies (CX Strategy, Experience Design & Improvement, and Metrics, Measurement & ROI), Non-Students were below “Novice” level. On average, Non-Students scored at “Novice” level or below, whereas, the average score for CXU Students landed them between “Expert” and “Master” level* with scores of 75-100%. What is interesting and important to note is that the CCXP Certification exam, offered by the CXPA, requires an 80% score or higher in order to be considered ‘passing’ and allow the test-taker to receive the CCXP Certification. This is why CXU determined “Expert” level to be scores of 80% or higher. Many people who take the CCXP Certification exam seek outside preparation before their test date because of the rigor of the exam. CX University wants to prepare learners and test-takers through the channels that are most helpful to them. The CX Practice Tests are meant to help individuals brush up on the method of testing – getting them acquainted with multiple choice sets, which is especially useful if a person has been out of school for an extended period of time. It’s also a good tool to brush up on the 6-Core Competencies. However, if a learner or test-taker needs to gain knowledge, skills, and abilities, CX University offers the Online Courses. These comprehensive courses cover each of the 6-Core Competencies in great depth, structured by lessons, activities, action playbooks, videos, articles, and knowledge checks. And the proof is in the pudding: CXU Online Course learners clearly have an advantage and are better prepared for certification testing. To learn more about Online Courses, visit CX University’s product page. *with the exception of the Customer Experience Strategy, where CXU Students scored between “Novice” and “Expert” levels.
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