CX University’s (CXU) Program is Congruent with CXPA’s new Definition of Domains of Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – October 12, 2021 – The Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) updated their professional certification exam (CCXP) on October 5, 2021 and CX University’s (CXU) online courses are congruent with the new exam content domains.

The CXPA site indicates that “In 2021, the CCXP exam was updated to match the findings of the job analysis. New questions were written to assure current job tasks, skills, and abilities were represented based on contemporary CX practice.”

CXU originally developed its CX programs following the rubric issued by CXPA in 2014. CXPA revised its rubric after commissioning a detailed 2020 job analysis study. As a result of that study, CXPA has now defined the discipline as having five content domains, and these domains are used to structure the CCXP exam.

CXU has made program and test revisions to reflect these CXPA changes. CXU’s program is congruent with this new domain set. It covers the five domain areas through its six core courses designed to assist learners in scaffolding new learning to existing knowledge.

The CXPA/CCXP domains are thoroughly covered in the following CXU courses. The percentages listed reflect the percentage of CCXP questions that are taken from each Domain/CXU course:

  • DOMAIN 2: CX Strategy – CX501 Customer Experience Strategy (20%)
  • DOMAIN 5: Culture and Accountability – CX502 Customer-Centric Culture and CX503 Organizational Adoption and Accountability (19%)
  • DOMAIN 3: Metrics, Measurement, and ROI – CX 504 Metrics, Measurements and ROI (20%)
  • DOMAIN 4: Design, Implementation, and Innovation – CX 505 Experience Design, Improvement, and Innovation (19%)
  • DOMAIN 1: Customer Insights and Understanding – CX 506 Voice of the Customer, Customer Insight and Understanding (22%)

Download the CXU Online Course Guide to review more details: Download here.

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