CX University releases official certification for Customer and Patient Experience Specialists

CX University (CXU) launches the certification offerings for professionals seeking to elevate their expertise and career capital with a Customer Experience Specialist (CXS)™ or Patient Experience Specialist (PXS) certification. Each certification is earned by completing the Online Course series and passing a certification exam.

CXU’s Online Courses in both Customer Experience and Patient Experience have been praised for having comprehensive and in-depth content in their respective disciplines. Learners can read lessons, articles, watch videos, and practice with interactive playbooks completely online from any device that has internet connection. Since the Online Courses develop mastery in the discipline and are convenient for working professionals, CX University made the logical and appealing step to develop certification tracks for anyone who purchases the respective Online Course bundle.

The Customer Experience Specialist (CXS)™ certification can be earned by completing the bundle of 6 Online Courses in CX and passing the exam. For the Patient Experience Specialist (PXS) certificate, learners must complete the 4 Online Course series and pass the PX certification exam. Both exams require the passing of a 2-hour timed, 70-multiple choice question exam with a score of 80% or higher. The exams cover the main concepts taught in their respective CX or PX online courses.

The certifications are open to any practitioners or aspiring professionals who want to gain mastery of CX or PX and would like to advance their career opportunities by exhibiting their knowledge and expertise of the discipline.

To get started on certification, customers can purchase the Online Course bundle in CX or PX and will automatically have the option to prepare and take the certification exam upon completion of their courses.

To get started, visit the shopping page for Online Courses in Customer Experience or Patient Experience.

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