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CX University (CXU) announces the completion of the United Bank for Africa’s (UBA) CX School that will be housed in its Leadership Academy. In partnership with UBA, CXU designed three eLearning role-based courses – Basic, Manager, and Leader levels. These programs were also developed in French to accommodate UBA’s francophone footprint.  

CX University is the first comprehensive online learning organization that specifically trains customer experience professionals. The Enterprise Learning Solution is a tailored program offered to corporations that need specialized, organizational-wide training to weave Customer Experience into the company ethos.

Dr. Susan Albertson-Mettlen, Chief Learning Officer at CXU, noted that companies that adopt a CX program have 1.5 times more engaged employees and experience a competitive advantage.  Mettlen observed that the United Bank for Africa has made this bold step to implement a comprehensive CX program in order to become the bank of choice on the continent. 

CXU is recognized by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) as an authorized resource training provider. CXU is the only CX training organization supported by an institution of higher education, Moravian University, to offer online courses eligible for college credits.

United Bank for Africa (UBA) is a multinational pan-African financial services group headquartered in Lagos and known as Africa’s Global Bank. It has subsidiaries in 20 African countries and offices in London, Paris, and New York. UBA was ranked in 2022 as the best-performing financial institution amongst the tier-1 banks in Nigeria.

UBA successfully launched their CX School internally on May 3, 2023. Over 3,000 UBA employees were expected across 20 countries in a live-stream webinar. Through this partnership, UBA aims to train up to 15,000 employees.

“We could have developed this content in house and continued the training as we have been doing it,” states Michelle Nwoga of UBA, “But what was important for us is to make sure that we are always kept up to date. And partnering with CX University helps us to do that because they consistently make sure that UBA has the right content, the updated content, and that will help us to manage the growing and evolving needs of our customer.”

The program has been well-received, with positive feedback and testimonials, such as the one from Efosa Ajorgbor, whose role as a Learning Management Leader and Customer Experience at UBA in Nigeria, expressed:

“Working with CXU has been an incredibly valuable experience for me. The CXU team is dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate about their work. Whenever I faced challenges or had questions during the development process, their support was prompt and helpful. Their expertise and guidance have been instrumental in honing my customer service skills as well, as I learned a thing or two from how they interacted with their customers.

The courses offered by CXU are comprehensive, insightful, and tailored specifically to the field of customer experience. Through their training, I have gained a deeper understanding of customer needs, expectations, and effective communication strategies. The modules are well-structured, covering various aspects of CX, including empathy, active listening, conflict resolution, and more.

The modules were easy to understand and had a direct impact on my career because it was easily applicable. I am grateful for the generous support provided by the CX team.

I highly recommend CXU to anyone seeking to improve their customer experience skills or enhance their organization's customer service capabilities.”

For more information about CX University’s enterprise learning solutions, visit the website or contact the Director of Sales Experience, Jeanne Kiralfy.

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