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If you are already acquainted with the importance of the Net Promoter Score (NPS), you will know that it is a strong indicator of customer loyalty and satisfaction. Any feedback from customers should be treated with seriousness and care to improve programs, which in turn, should build stronger brand loyalty and happy customers who are eager to refer products or services to their network.

NPS is based on a simple survey question, “How likely is it that you would recommend this to a friend or colleague?”

Survey respondents rate from 0 to 10. Zero indicates they are not at all likely to recommend your brand and 10 indicates they are extremely likely to recommend. Their responses fall into three categories:

  • Promoters respond with a score of 9 or 10 and can be viewed as loyal and enthusiastic customers.
  • Passives respond with a score of 7 or 8. They are satisfied with your brand, but not happy enough to be considered promoters.
  • Detractors respond with a score of 0 to 6. These are unhappy customers who are unlikely to buy from you again, and may even discourage others from buying from you. 

At CX University, we practice what we preach. We’ve developed programs based on training professionals in best practices of Customer Experience, Patient Experience, and building Experience Makers globally. We ask for feedback to calibrate our offerings appropriately. We want our customers to not just feel total satisfaction about their purchase, but feel confident to spread the word about CX as strong advocates for the discipline.

Our team at CX University takes feedback seriously. We also use the NPS metric to gauge our progress and pinpoint areas for improvement. If you’re unfamiliar with NPS and how it’s calculated, watch our interactive eModule to learn more.

Each year, we calculate our annual NPS, and each year, we see an improvement. Since we’ve begun reporting our NPS, we’ve seen an increase in our score: +77 in 2020, +81 in 2021, +84 in 2022, and now we proudly announce our score is +88.

A score like +88 compares with other top global brands. The 2022 NPS Scores for Top Companies (Ranked Highest to Lowest) are listed below:

  1. Princeton Mortgage, NPS score = +98
  2. Tesla, NPS score = +97
  3. Nutanix, NPS score = +92
  4. Loanboox, NPS score = +90
  5. Nimble, NPS score = +85
  6. Metro Bank, NPS score = +82
  7. T-Mobile, NPS score = +82
  8. Warby, NPS score = +80

If you know your company’s NPS, then you can easily compare it using a Qualtrics NPS comparison tool. We hope you’re pleasantly surprised with how your brand compares; if not, then let us help you get to a metric you can be proud of. 

Over the years, we’ve boosted the careers of countless customers who work in varied industries across the globe. We’ve helped professionals earn their Customer Experience Specialist (CXS) certification. We’ve held the hand of leaders who restructure their organization to be customer-centric. We are confident that we can help you in your quest to build a CX organization.

Here is a snapshot of some customer feedback we received in 2022:

  • ​​Practical information that is useful in my current and future positions in CX. The learner support was phenomenal. I got help as soon as I needed it. The Learning support was professional and timely. Great customer experience.
  • The practice tests are helping me prepare for the CXS and CCXP. The questions are challenging, but I feel confident that I can do it!
  • I learned a lot in this course. I most enjoyed the activities and videos. There was a lot of reading, but I learned how to skim the articles for key points.
  • The practice tests are very challenging and make me feel prepared for the CXS and CCXP. The tutoring on how to take CX tests has been excellent.
  • A deep understanding of Customer Experience and a well thought out and presented training program.
  • We are just implementing a framework for CX at our company, so all of this foundational knowledge is very valuable. Would love a text to go along with this that has some of this information in a way I can share with my organization.
  • With CX being a new undertaking and focus in our organization, the foundational knowledge that can be gleaned from this course is extremely helpful in starting off in the right direction.
  • The detailed explanations with accompanying videos to help with comprehension of each topic.
  • There are lots of information about Patient Experience and inspiring practices that can be adapted/learned.
  • What I have learned will change my day-to-day engagement with customers.
  • Well-structured online platform. Interesting team colleagues. Live sessions are entertaining and informative.
  • I am so relaxed and comfortable with the materials used throughout the course.  They are simple and explicit to each topic.
  • All the materials used were simple and very practical to my learning.
  • Comprehensive and provides a good framework for career development.
  • I am learning so much about how to engage the customer.
  • I enjoyed the blended format.  The discussions during the review sessions were interesting.
  • Very engaging sessions, practical illustrations and examples that are easy to follow through and understand.
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