Applied Customer Journey Mapping


Early bird registrations save 25% off through Oct 21! A course that merges the what and how of CX with blended online self-study courses and digital meet-ups. Every learner will have their own map constructed to share with their companies. For all CX professionals.

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Customer journey mapping is an essential methodology to build your organization’s customer-centricity. Journey maps serve as guides to help you anticipate your customers’ needs, deliver excellent experiences, and promote collaboration across silos.

Customer journey maps yield deep insights into which touchpoints matter the most to your customers. With all of your stakeholders focusing on the customer experience, you can move closer to delivering on your brand promise.

Visualizing the customer experience with journey maps is a capability that is becoming ever more important in modern organizations. With this course, you will develop mastery in journey mapping methodology and direct application to your own customers’ challenges.

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Become a Customer Journey Mapping Specialist (CJMS)TM

  • Six online courses packed with practical playbooks, seminal articles, expert videos
  • Access to journey mapping software
  • Six post-review virtual meet-up classes
  • Guidance and coaching from CX experts
  • Build and deliver your own map!


October cohort now accepting registrations! See the calendar of key dates below:

28-Oct Kickoff Meeting Zoom Session 1:30 – 3:00PM ET
4-Nov CX 721 Introduction and Building Blocks On-Line, Independent Course Work
11-Nov Project and CX 721 Review session Zoom Review Session 1:30 – 3:00PM ET
18-Nov CX 722 Outside In On-Line, Independent Course Work
25-Nov CX 723 Segments and Cohorts On-Line, Independent Course Work
2-Dec Project and CX 722 Review session Zoom Review Session 1:30 – 3:00PM ET
9-Dec Project and CX 723 Review session Zoom Review Session 1:30 – 3:00PM ET
16-Dec CX 724 The Future State On-Line, Independent Course Work
23-Dec Project and CX 724 Review session Zoom Review Session 1:30 – 3:00PM ET
30-Dec CX 725 Insights to Action On-Line, Independent Course Work
6-Jan Project and CX 725 Review session Zoom Review Session 1 – 2:30 PM ET
13-Jan CX 726 Embedding CJM into your Company On-Line, Independent Course Work
20-Jan Project and CX 726 Review session Zoom Review Session 1 – 2:30 PM ET

15 reviews for Applied Customer Journey Mapping

  1. Anonymous Customer

    Well-designed course.

  2. Anonymous Customer

    After taking the Applied Customer Journey Mapping Course, I feel so accomplished! I can actually create a mature journey map. I appreciated the personalized attention and reminders I received throughout the course.

  3. Anonymous Customer

    I’m enjoying the Customer Journey Mapping course!

  4. Anonymous Customer

    Detailed, and gives deeper understanding on customers journey with a brand.

  5. Anonymous Customer

    Detailed, and gives deeper understanding on customers journey with a brand.

  6. Anonymous Customer

    I feel like I learned a highly marketable skill in Customer Journey Mapping. The mix of online learning and practical applications was very useful to me.

  7. Anonymous Customer

    I have enjoyed working with my colleagues in creating a customer journey map for our company.

  8. Anonymous Customer

    I really enjoyed the class, the micro learning process and the ability for real work application. Our company is definitely aligned to keep things moving as we head into budget and next year goal planning.

  9. Anonymous Customer

    The Applied Journey Mapping course has prepared me to map a number of journeys in my organization. I learned a valuable skill in this course.

  10. Anonymous Customer

    Because it is very helpful to have an excellent CX experience. I’m learning a lot about customer journey maps.

  11. Anonymous Customer

    The well-designed activities helped me learn how to design and build a customer journey map.

  12. Anonymous Customer

    My colleagues at work are impressed with my customer journey mapping skills! I have learned so much in just a few weeks.

  13. Anonymous Customer

    I’ve learned a lot so far in making customer journey maps. For the first time I’m feeling confident that I can create a journey map for my organization!

  14. Anonymous Customer

    I appreciate the opportunity to build a customer journey map for my company while learning how to do it.

  15. Anonymous Customer

    The Miro journey mapping product is easy to learn and the support of the faculty and other participants is invaluable.

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