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Annette Franz is CEO of CX Journey Inc, a boutique customer experience consulting firm that specializes in laying the groundwork required to establish a CX strategy that will drive your culture transformation efforts. Her beliefs are that (1) customer understanding along the customer experience journey is key to developing a strategy that allows both customers and businesses to achieve their desired outcomes, and (2) the employee experience - and your culture - cannot be an afterthought; as a matter of fact, they should be your #1 priority. Previously, Annette developed and led global teams of customer experience consulting professionals, guiding them to sell, consult on, design, implement, and operationalize enterprise-wide customer experience solutions that drove business and organizational improvements.

Reduce Employee Effort for a Great Customer Experience

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There's a lot of talk about how much effort a customer is required to put forth to complete some task with an organization, whether it's to buy a product, to get an issue resolved, or to do something else. There's even a way to measure this effort, using the customer effort score (CES). If you're not [...]

Inside Out vs. Outside In Thinking

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In the world of customer experience, what's the difference between outside-in and inside-out? Inside-out thinking means your focus is on processes, systems, tools, and products that are designed and implemented based on internal thinking and intuition. The customer's needs, jobs, and perspectives do not play a part in this type of thinking; they aren't taken into [...]