Introduction to CX Excellence


Introduce employees to the basic concepts of Customer Experience (CX) Excellence. This online course series covers the five domains of knowledge and skills essential to the application and practice of the Customer Experience discipline.

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Introduction to Customer Experience Excellence

Customer Experience (CX) has become the new competitive differentiator. Customers will pay higher prices and advocate for brands based entirely on their perceptions of their company interactions. These interactions can lead to significant gains or losses. Essential to these gains or losses are the experiences employees have in their companies.

CXU offers an introductory CX Excellence Program to prepare all employees to understand the CX models, processes, and skillset required to create customer obsession and win in competitive markets. Successful program completion leads to a certificate of completion.

This program is based on the CXPA rubric that is globally recognized and adopted by many global brands.

Program Objectives

  • Build and apply CX Strategies, models, processes, skills, and best practices
  • Develop empathy and listening skills
  • Apply CX and EX to improve financial performance
  • Drive customer and employee centricity
  • Establish a common CX language across the enterprise
  • Cultivate innovation through design thinking
  • Build measurement metrics for improvements

Program Courses

The Introduction to CX Excellence Program is based on the globally recognized CXPA rubric. The courses cover the five domains of knowledge and skill essential to the application and practice of the Customer Experience discipline. The five modules cover Strategy and Brand Promise; Customer-Centricity; Journey Mapping, Personas, and VOC; Design Thinking for Innovation; and Metrics and Measurement. 

  • These modules take about an hour each to complete for a total of about 5 hours. 
  • Materials are presented in short narratives, videos, and interactive modules. 
  • Learners can leave and return to the learning modules at their convenience. 
  • Each module includes a 5-question multiple choice knowledge check. 
  • There are no required passing grades on these knowledge checks.
  • 2-months online access to work at your own pace.


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