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Discover Your CX Quotient

Congratulations to all of you who redoubled your efforts to start and complete CX courses this past month.

It is inspiring to see how busy people made time to work on their own professional development. Enhancing your CX competencies is an investment in your career and future. As you work toward your Customer Experience Specialist (CXS)™ certification (if that is your goal), I thought you would appreciate a chance to discover your CX Quotient (CXQ). You may have already taken the CXQ in the past. After a few weeks or months of work on your CX courses, you may want to retake the CXQ to continue charting your progress in the CX competencies.

The following brief article describes the CXQ and gives you an opportunity to take the free assessment and receive feedback on your CX competency profile.

Do You Want to Know Your CX Quotient?

If you are involved in creating and supporting a Customer Experience environment in your organization, it is important for you to know if you are fully prepared in the six foundational competencies of CX. You might be interested in expanding your CX knowledge or preparing for the Customer Experience Specialist (CXS)™ certification exam from CXU. Whichever path you are on, it is important to know your CX Quotient (CXQ).

We see a variety of tests every day that purport to measure many different competencies. We all enjoy self-assessments to get feedback on how we can improve. However, CXU has developed a CX Quotient assessment tool to benchmark your competencies.

Our validity study revealed a validity quotient of +.80 suggesting a strong, positive relationship between the test and the CX behaviors measured. With a validity quotient of .80, the CXQ is very beneficial in measuring CX concepts. Our goal is to affirm this impressive relationship with additional data.

For a limited time, we are offering CX professionals an opportunity to take the 30 question CXQ at no charge. Simply click on the link below and complete the assessment.  You will receive feedback on your competency profile once you have completed the test.

We are inviting you to participate in this exciting assessment tool to advance its validity.

Click on the button below to follow the link to the registration page and free CXQ:

As you continue this journey, remember that you can contact me at any time for assistance logging in or completing course materials. I am committed to helping you complete your CX program.

A Prerequisite for Customer Centricity and Transformative Growth

Part of an ongoing series by Mohamed Latib

business growth customer centricityAs soon as an organization wants to embrace a change initiative like customer experience, it runs smack-dab into tradition, and the problem of actually executing the very changes it wants to execute. This is one of the largest reasons why change initiatives fail 70% of the time (Mckinsey, Changing Change Management).

So even before we talk about customer centricity, or about the change your customers and employees want, we need to discuss moose hunts. Once we can hunt down the moose in your organization, we can clear the way for change.

What on This Good Green Earth Is a Moose, and How Does It Keep My Business from Becoming More Customer-Centric?

Now, the moose is indeed a majestic, if ungainly, animal. But make no mistake: There are plenty of them ranging out in your organization right now, some within sight, others in hiding, but all useless, and we need to root them out before they cause any more damage…

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