Updated! CXU’s NPS is +81

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Driving improvement is a relentless commitment.

Become a CXSTM or CCXP! Our programs prepare you for both.

CX University offers training in Customer Experience and proudly serves corporations and customers in over 60 countries.

We practice what we preach, and we are also relentlessly restless! We are driven by a feeling that things are just not good enough.

We listen to our customers. We make changes because of their feedback. Some of these changes are significant – we have created new programs, added science-based interactive learning tools, provided easy and effortless access to learning, developed and delivered online study groups, and never cease to ask, “What can we do to improve?”

The results make us proud – our Net Promoter score (NPS)® is +81!

NPS Score +81

Then we ask them an open-ended question, “Why?”

  • “Content is relevant and closely related to the CCXP’s core competencies.  I feel that I am ready for the CXS and the CCXP!”
  • “Your practice exams gave me a sense of what I knew and which areas I needed to study more.”
  • “Lots of useful information. Appreciated the honest insights into the challenges of developing a program and examples of successful programs.”
  • “Activities and videos were extremely helpful. The course is well designed and professional.”
  • “Great course content, easy to use website and I enjoy the check in emails from the CX University team.”
  • “Great activities and videos.  There was a lot of reading, but the articles were especially useful.”
CX University

CX University

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