The Core of Your Digital Transformation in CX

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In today’s economy, there are two things that you must do. You must deliver a customer experience (CX) that is uniquely differentiated AND you must successfully execute a digital transformation. When digital transformation and a CX focus are intertwined, the combination leads to disruption.   A select set of organizations know this to be so important [...]

When CX, Business, and Tech Combine

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Is there a difference between customer experience and digital customer experience anymore? Customer Experience used to focus on what happened in the real world and Digital Customer Experience used to focus on what happened online. As if you could have one without the other. Now, no business can afford not to emphasize both. Ideally, each business [...]

Intelligent Experience: Where CX Meets Tech

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From the 1970s through the 1990s, customers’ experiences evolved quickly with the introduction of technology like ATMs, CRM systems, touchscreen kiosks, and interactive voice response systems. Companies were the early adopters. They used the then-new tech to operate more efficiently and profitably—mostly by shifting work from a company’s payroll to its customers’ shoulders. The corporate approach [...]