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Is the Customer Service “Department” Becoming Obsolete?

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Let’s be honest, Customer Service Departments were created, and many still exist today, to problem solve the discrepancies between customer expectations and what a business delivers. Even with due diligence and a preconceived notion of what the customer wants, this mismatch can still occur. Why Customer Service Departments Exist Imagine an organization researching potential customers, creating [...]

The Value of Design is on the Rise

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In the last decade, many brands have used customer experience perspectives and processes to complete corporate turnarounds and experience make-overs. Some have seen their fortunes rise. Some have even stayed at elevated levels. They all use the six customer experience pillars. The six essential disciplines of the Customer Experience Professionals Association: customer-centric culture, CX strategy, experience [...]

Back to Basics – On Empathy

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If you’re an experience designer (or want to become one), one of the most important tools you can develop for your work is empathy for others. Empathy creates more value for customers than knowing statistical analysis programs and is often more helpful in design than having NetPromoter® scores. Caring about others simply makes you a better [...]

Experience Design Principles & Human Senses

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With the increasing focus on customer experience as a competitive differentiator, many companies should adopt design principles based on human senses to create a 'gestalt' experience, one in which all the senses are engaged. The role of the human senses in this customer experience design, while present, has not received focal attention until recent research on [...]