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Customer Experience Is Either Everybody’s Business, or Nobody’s Business

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Until maybe 20 years ago, people were fine with businesses that were in it for efficiency and strategy. Andrew Carnegie didn’t need to worry about maintaining above-average customer satisfaction. He just had to deliver at the right price. He was building a fortune and a monument to industry; that’s what mattered. “What customer experience needs to [...]

Mastering Customer Centricity: Watch the Webinar

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Mastering Customer Centricity discusses the necessary steps you can take to truly delight and retain your customers. Watch as Mohamed Latib, CXU Founder and CEO, and SPLICE Software’s Janelle Boris discuss approaches to transform your organization to a customer centric enterprise. Read the webinar overview: What were the top three take-away’s? Defining customer centricity [...]

Has your CX Strategy tapped the Blue Ocean?

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Customers are central to the success of a company. Period. And what we’ve discovered over the last couple decades is that the more we focus on customers, with a distinct purpose of improving their experiences, the more it leads to positive performance outcomes- revenues, profitability, shareholder value, among the hard ones, and loyalty, word of mouth [...]