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Janet Biedron Patient experience

Meet Janet Biedron, RN, MSN, MBA.

Janet is CX University’s VP of Patient Experience Practice and is our leading expert on PX competency training and professional development.

With over 40 years of nursing and hospital administrative experience, as well as 15 years as a hospital CEO, Janet is a fierce advocate for patients and their families. She has designed and implemented patient centric processes with a focus on healthcare providers and patients.

CXU’s Patient Experience Competency Training gives you and your organization the knowledge and tools to deliver superior PX performance.

Introducing PX Foundations: Online Courses

Online Courses that comprehensively train healthcare practitioners and aspiring professionals the best practices and core concepts in Patient Experience.

  • PX 501: Patient Experience Strategy… coming soon!

  • PX 502: Patient Centric Culture… now available!

  • PX 503: Patient Experience Design & Innovation… coming soon!

  • PX 504: Patient Experience Measurement & Analysis… now available!

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