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90 Days Roadmap to CCXP


Save 25% now through August 15! With this course you will be prepared to confidently pass the CCXP exam and ramp up your CX career, fueled by the latest research and grounded in proven expertise and best practices.

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Take your career to the next level with professional training in Customer Experience and certifications to prove your mastery and skills!

The 90-Days Roadmap to CCXP program will immerse you in a short-term professional development cohort with access to online, independent study courses, live training and discussions with other colleagues, expert guidance from our certified CX specialist, and lots of preparation to sit for the CCXP exam.

  • Understand the CX discipline
  • Certified by CX University
  • Convenient, anytime and anywhere learning
  • Collaborative study group
  • Guidance from certified expert(s)

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August cohort now open for registrations!

Kickoff date is August 22nd. See the calendar below for specific meeting times:

22-Aug CX 700 series 90 Days to CCXP Kickoff–Zoom 1:00 PM -2:30 PM ET
29-Aug CX 701 Strategy Review Session–Zoom 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET
5-Sept Office Hours Office Hours 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET
12-Sept CX 702 Culture Review Session–Zoom 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET
19-Sept Office Hours Office Hours 1:00 PM -2:00 PM ET
26-Sept CX 703 Organization Adoption Review Session–Zoom 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET
3-Oct Office Hours Office Hours 1:00 PM -2:00 PM ET
10-Oct CX 704 Metrics Review Session–Zoom 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET
17-Oct Office Hours Office Hours 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET
24-Oct CX 705 Design Review Session–Zoom 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET
31-Oct Office Hours Office Hours 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET
7-Nov CX 706 VOC Review Session–Zoom 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET
14-Nov Office Hours Office Hours 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET
27-Feb Last Access to System Last Access



CXPA Recognized Training Provider

You will be fully prepared to earn your certifications as a Customer Experience Specialist (CXS)™ and a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP).*

  • Achieve your career goals
  • Contribute to your company KPIs
  • Establish a customer obsessed culture
  • Build enduring relationships
  • Drive transformation

*The CCXP certification is offered exclusively through the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). You must qualify independently to sit for the CCXP exam. CX University is a Recognized Training Provider for the CCXP and CXPA.

96 reviews for 90 Days Roadmap to CCXP

  1. Anonymous Customer


  2. Anonymous Customer

    Well researched, highly applicable content.

  3. Anonymous Customer

    Well-designed course.

  4. Anonymous Customer

    Practical adult learning style.

  5. Anonymous Customer


  6. Anonymous Customer

    Rich and enlightening courses.

  7. Anonymous Customer

    very informative.

  8. Anonymous Customer

    self paced. Convenient. Practical and easy to understand.

  9. Anonymous Customer

    Learnings have been very insightful.

  10. Anonymous Customer

    The course outline and content are comprehensive, friendly and informative.

  11. Anonymous Customer

    The information was presented in a clear, concise manner. I learned a lot in the blended format. I appreciated that I could work on the materials at my own pace, but also had the opportunity to discuss concepts with the instructors and other students.

  12. Anonymous Customer

    Informative and interesting course.

  13. Anonymous Customer

    Insightful and educative, relates to the current trends.

  14. Anonymous Customer

    I like that its online, and self-paced. I liked the variety between articles, videos and even interactive games that give you a hands on practice preparing for the certification.

  15. Anonymous Customer

    Excellent explanation of measurement and metrics. Exceptional customer experience. I always received quick and friendly help when I needed it–7 days a week!

  16. Anonymous Customer

    Learnt new concepts in practical manner because of examples used so I can easily implement.

  17. Anonymous Customer

    Very insightful.

  18. Anonymous Customer

    Well researched, deep and insightful.

  19. Anonymous Customer

    I love the lessons.

  20. Anonymous Customer

    Very professional group and the learning modules are well structured and makes for easy learning. Language is user friendly.

  21. Anonymous Customer

    I like the blended format.

  22. Anonymous Customer

    Very insightful rich content.

  23. Anonymous Customer

    The customer experience in the course is fantastic. I received prompt help seven days a week when I needed it. The assistance is sincere and helpful. The Zoom sessions helped me fully understand the material online.

  24. Anonymous Customer

    Relevant and timely.

  25. Anonymous Customer

    Very informative materials.

  26. Anonymous Customer

    The videos and activities were helpful.

  27. Anonymous Customer

    Indepth coursework: Practical lessons.

  28. Anonymous Customer

    Rich content and relevant examples operating in the current dynamic world.

  29. Anonymous Customer

    Great customer experience and timely support.

  30. Anonymous Customer

    Great content and supplemental materials.

  31. Anonymous Customer

    Detailed content that was easy to read and comprehend. I really enjoyed the videos and activities.

  32. Anonymous Customer

    I am learning so much and am stretching myself — even being in the CXM field for 6+ years. This whole course is tying all aspects of CXM together for me. Can’t wait to experience/learn from the other sessions.

  33. Anonymous Customer

    Professional institution, relevant material to every industry, future-forward, constant and sincere support.

  34. Anonymous Customer

    It is enriched with content which relate to the current trends and happenings.

  35. Anonymous Customer

    Very informative and interesting. I have learnt so much in the short time that I have done this course.

  36. Anonymous Customer

    I have learnt so much in a short space of time. its informative and relevant to how I would like to reinvent myself post Covid 19.

  37. Anonymous Customer

    I am learning so much. Great mix of reading and videos — the tests that show which ones we get wrong are so valuable.

  38. Anonymous Customer

    Great content, excellent underlying instructional design. The every other Thursday meeting are a value add.

  39. Anonymous Customer

    Very insightful content and very enriching.

  40. Anonymous Customer

    Informative course.

  41. Anonymous Customer

    Amazing instructional and admin support. The Zoom sessions were informative and engaging. The after-hours support was prompt, friendly and professional. Great customer experience!

  42. Anonymous Customer

    This was the best online course I have ever taken. The mix of online materials and bimonthly Zoom reviews helped me understand complicated material very quickly. The instructional support was awesome! The interactive reviews with the instructors were helpful and informative.

  43. Anonymous Customer

    Great information to view and read and even if the colleagues never take the CCXP exam, they will learn a lot of conceptual and practical knowledge to improve their CX work.

  44. Anonymous Customer

    Excellent customer experience. Quick help when I needed it.

  45. Anonymous Customer

    Enjoyed the videos to enhance theory to real world scenarios.

  46. Anonymous Customer

    The interactive Zoom sessions keep me accountable for finishing my work.

  47. Anonymous Customer

    Well-structured course and responsiveness of the academic staff.

  48. Anonymous Customer

    Well-structured course.

  49. Anonymous Customer

    Practical materials and supportive staff.

  50. Anonymous Customer

    The blended format works well for me.

  51. Anonymous Customer

    A wealth of information shared on how to apply the CX pillars to increase profitability and real examples shared market leaders for us to bench mark.

  52. Anonymous Customer

    Relatable content.

  53. Anonymous Customer

    Student paced learning and instant results to gauge self for success.

  54. Anonymous Customer

    These blended courses were very enjoyable. The instructors were knowledgeable and inclusive. I feel like I learned a lot in a short period of time. The after-hours support was amazing!

  55. Anonymous Customer

    The mix of online learning and Zoom reviews were effective for me. I enjoyed the facilitators’ discussions and felt that the ongoing technical and instructional support even on weekends and holidays was exceptional.

  56. Anonymous Customer

    The content of the course is practical, the delivery method is convenient and flexible, the lecturers are very approachable and willing to assist, are knowledgeable and inclusive.

  57. Anonymous Customer

    Interesting activities and readings.

  58. Anonymous Customer

    The interactive Zoom reviews help me more completely understand the online lessons. The course makes good use of my time. If I can’t attend the Zoom reviews, I receive a video of the session and the slides used.

  59. Anonymous Customer

    I really like the new model and mix of office hours and instructor led discussions to reinforce learnings and key takeaways.

  60. Anonymous Customer

    Nice usage of videos to reinforce.

  61. Anonymous Customer

    The interactive sessions complement the online materials. I appreciate both instructors sharing their experience and ideas.

  62. Anonymous Customer

    Great mix of online and facilitated classes by instructors.

  63. Anonymous Customer

    Great mix of online and facilitated classes by instructors.

  64. Anonymous Customer

    Informative session.

  65. Anonymous Customer

    Well-constructed course. Easy for me to complete in a short amount of time. Blended format was very effective for me.

  66. Anonymous Customer

    The insights I am getting are a game-changer.

  67. Anonymous Customer

    Excellent review classes and the support I received was amazing.

  68. Anonymous Customer

    The Zoom sessions were very helpful in understanding the materials and how to take tests. The very responsive after-hours assistance was most appreciated.

  69. Anonymous Customer

    Great, informative, and very insightful…CX University team is very supportive.

  70. Anonymous Customer

    I think CX University made some great improvement in the level and amount of information provided to support the topic/module. There was a good mix of readings, interactive exercises, and videos to support the topic.

  71. Anonymous Customer

    Enjoyed the interactive sessions. The self-paced portions were helpful given my schedule.

  72. Anonymous Customer

    Thank you, CX University, for a super fun and effective 90-days journey to this certification. You guys rock!

  73. Anonymous Customer

    The interactive review sessions are effective. They keep me on track and accountable for my learning. The real life examples from the instructors are very beneficial. When I was falling behind, the gentle reminders and offers of help really kept me focused and motivated. I believe the customer experience is outstanding.

  74. Anonymous Customer

    Self-paced learning Content is always available for reference Well packaged scenarios to drive the point home.

  75. Anonymous Customer

    Learnt new CX concepts I didn’t know about.

  76. Anonymous Customer

    Professional and deep knowledge.

  77. Anonymous Customer

    Great content.

  78. Anonymous Customer

    The combination of self-paced, online work and interactive sessions with the instructors and other students works well for me. The format keeps me on track and accountable!

  79. Anonymous Customer

    Interesting articles.

  80. Anonymous Customer

    It is a low-pressure course to gain the knowledge needed for certification.

  81. Anonymous Customer

    Great material that explained complex CX concepts.

  82. Anonymous Customer

    The content was easy to follow, well-structured and presented. I loved being able to work at my own pace so I can meet the other demands on my time. The web-portal navigation is slightly challenging, I found myself clicking around to locate the ‘My Courses’ page but otherwise was easy to use. I didn’t personally review the weekly emails or videos (lack of time) but I imagine that they can be helpful for those who need to go back and revisit/review discussions.

  83. Anonymous Customer

    I enjoyed the online materials and the interactive review sessions. I passed the CXS on my first try and feel confident about my upcoming CCXP.

  84. Anonymous Customer

    Quality learning materials and a very interactive team to help you through the courses.

  85. Anonymous Customer

    The biweekly interactive sessions were valuable to me in learning CX. The online materials were easy to understand and I benefited from constant support from the instructors.

  86. Anonymous Customer

    The interactive sessions were helpful in preparing me for the CXS and CCXP.

  87. Anonymous Customer

    Great learning material and I enjoy the biweekly gatherings.

  88. Anonymous Customer

    Engaging materials and effective practice test interactive reviews.

  89. Anonymous Customer

    So far, a solid foundation. Also some valuable resources in the form of articles from CX consulting firms.

  90. Anonymous Customer

    Informative and relevant content.

  91. Anonymous Customer

    This course provides an excellent preparation for both the CXS and CCXP. The narratives, articles, videos, activities, and Zoom sessions provide an excellent foundation in CX.

  92. Anonymous Customer

    The personal experiences shared by both facilitators were very informative and helpful to me. It’s one thing to read about CX, it’s another to learn from someone’s lived experience. Great course.

  93. Anonymous Customer

    Based on what lessons I have completed thus far, I believe the course material to be very helpful for anyone trying to better understand Customer Experience as well as prepare for the exam.

  94. Anonymous Customer

    I appreciated the interactive sessions that supported the online courses. The support help every day from the learning team was amazing.

  95. Anonymous Customer

    Challenging tests that will prepare me for the CCXP and CXS.

  96. Anonymous Customer

    Certification seemed like the next logical step toward upping my CX game. CXU was an incredibly practical and affordable solution for getting my mind around CX disciplines. The CXU courses are designed to make you dig into CX competencies and consider how to apply them at your company. Not only did the CXU courses make me feel ready for my certification exam, they truly helped me leap forward in my business acumen. I passed the CCXP exam with a 91%.

    Appreciative and Grateful, Jason T. Morris, CCXP

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