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  • Expertly crafted by CXU Thought Leaders

  • Each practice test contains original, never repeated questions
  • Each test covers one of the 6-Core Competencies measured on the CCXP exam
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$69for the package
  • 100 Multiple Choice questions per content area
  • Correct answers provided at end of test
  • With 6 content areas you get 600 practice questions!
  • Retake each 100-question test up to 10 times
  • 30 days of access for review

“I enrolled for the CX University’s CX Practice Tests two weeks before my CCXP exam. The course offered three tests with a variety of challenging questions across all six disciplines recommended by CXPA. These tests immensely helped me solidify my understanding of the CX concepts and gave me great confidence to take the CCXP exam. Now, as a CCXP, I strongly recommend CX University to anyone who is considering CCXP certification. “

-Dharani Milladi, CCXP

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