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We are at the forefront of providing CX development

CX University is undoubtedly leading the way in Customer Experience (CX) training and talent development. Since our launch in November 2015, we have expanded to meet the global needs for greater CX knowledge and implementation practices. We at CXU support early entry practitioners who may seek further professional development or certification preparation; we turn seasoned professionals into true CX experts and tackle the enormous task of developing CX skills in an organization’s talent pool. And we’re not stopping here. The CXU Faculty Leaders will continue to foster learning and growth with new and improved development opportunities, with more chances to learn from their expertise, and an expansion of the CX discipline across industries and languages. It’s an exciting time in the Customer Experience realm. Follow us in the adventure!

CXU Strives for Excellence in Talent Development

We are here to inspire and instill confidence through education and practice of the Customer Experience discipline.
  • Build knowledge in the CX discipline
  • Learn skills to perform their work better
  • Advance their careers through education
  • Influence business performance
  • Increase talent
  • Improve business performance
  • Provide deep insights
  • Achieve innovative change

CXU Press Releases

2508, 2017

CX University releases official certification for Customer and Patient Experience Specialists

CX University (CXU) launches the certification offerings for professionals seeking to elevate their expertise and career capital with a Customer Experience Specialist (CXS)™ or Patient Experience Specialist (PXS) certification. Each certification is earned by completing [...]

604, 2017

Sacred Cows Webinar Hosted by Mohamed Latib

PHILADELPHIA, PA - April 5, 2017 - CX University recently offered a free live webinar facilitated by Mohamed Latib, PhD, entitled, “Creating Sacred Cows and Extinguishing Moose.” This webinar provided useful information and strategies for [...]

Advancing Experiences. CXU latest activities…

¿Habla español? ¡Nosotros también! Online Courses translated in Spanish coming soon!
Traveling workshops facilitated by CXU Founder & CXPA CEO! Coming to a city near you…
CX transforms the healthcare industry with Patient Experience, and we’re leading the way in PX training…
2702, 2017
1110, 2016

CXU World CX Day 2016

1409, 2016

CXU Open House

108, 2016

CXU on CRMAA Advisory Board

1506, 2016

CXU Revamps Course Offerings

106, 2016

CXU Partners with CRMA Asia

305, 2016

CXU Hosts Workshop for SPLICE

305, 2016
105, 2016
2804, 2016
112, 2015

CX University is Launched

111, 2015

CXPA Endorsement

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