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An Online course is a highly interactive course that is administered through the Internet. You will have comprehensive lessons focused on a specific Customer Experience topic along with videos, seminal articles, case studies, and hands-on activities (called Playbooks). You also have the chance to check your knowledge at the end of each lesson.

No, your initial payment for the course covers all costs.

If you purchase a single Online Course, then you are granted access for 8 consecutive weeks. If you purchase the 6-Course Bundle, you have access to the suite of 6 Online courses for 52 weeks (or one year).

Everybody’s pace varies according to their learning style, time commitment, and any other extraneous variables. Additionally, each Online course provides a comprehensive amount of information in the form of lessons, videos, articles, and hands-on activities. Some individuals choose to go into depth in each area, whereas other people review information they find most pertinent to them.

Each course is available for individual purchase, but more than one course can be purchased at a time. Also, you can purchase the bundle of 6-Core Competency courses for a discounted price and receive the suite of Online courses.

You are awarded a Certificate of Completion after you have successfully completed all the requirements.

There is no strict sequence of courses, although they are listed 501-506 starting from the foundational course to more in-depth topics. The 6-Core Competency courses are designed to give you a firm foundation in the Customer Experience discipline, so we encourage you to consider taking the full suite to build knowledge, gain confidence, and advance your career.

Yes, these courses will help you become better prepared to take the CCXP exam because they cover the 6-Core Competencies of Customer Experience.

There are many benefits from taking our courses:

  • You will acquire knowledge, abilities and skills to perform your job better.
  • You will be better prepared to influence CX initiatives and their outcomes in your organization.
  • You will gain confidence and make valuable contributions to your organization.
  • You will be on your way to becoming a certified Customer Experience professional.

Essentially, you need access to the Internet and an operable computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

No, this is a web-enabled program that does not require you to physically attend any classes. You can complete the Online courses at your convenience from anywhere and at any time.

No, CXU will provide you with reading materials, case studies and supporting videos.

In the event that users experience technical difficulties while in the CXU learning platform (through e360), please select your HELP tab from the top toolbar. Here you are able to create a help ticket by selecting the User Help Desk tab located in the left hand navigation panel. The HELP page also gives users access to an online and PDF version of the system manual as well as video tutorials for all tools and features. If users are unable to log in they may send an email to the LMS Coordinator.

If users are unable to view videos or download articles, a help ticket should be created within the HELP tab located in the top toolbar in the LMS platform.

If a user forgets their username they may email our LMS Coordinator. If a password has been forgotten, users may select the Forgot Your Password? link located on the CXU log in page.

The questions are designed to help you review and measure your CX knowledge in the 6-Core Content Areas of Customer Experience. The questions have been developed by CX University and are designed to help you review, measure, and learn about your understanding of the Customer Experience discipline. Some individuals use the CCXP Practice Tests as a review for the CCXP Certification exam. Please note that the CCXP exam is created by the CXPA and not CX University. Therefore, all of the CCXP Practice Test questions are wholly developed and delivered by CX University.

CXPA ART LogoCCXP stands for Certified Customer Experience Professional. It is a professional certification offered through the CXPA (Customer Experience Professionals Association). CX University is a proud Authorized Resource Training Provider (ART) of the CXPA.

Yes. The questions in the CCXP Practice Tests will help you prepare to pass the CCXP exam. If you want additional preparation, CX University also offers Online Courses and Custom Workshops.

Yes. CXU offers a 24-Question Preview. You must complete the registration for a CXU Test account. There is no charge to register for an account or access the options available to you. The results of the free sample Core Content Test will also be available immediately and sent to the email address provided.

You can Register Now and go directly to the CXU Test access site. Creating an account is free; from there you will be directed to purchase the CX University Core Content Review for just $69 along with payment options, which includes all 6-Core Content areas, 12 tests in all. You may also choose a single content area (2 tests) for $29.
In addition, CCXP Practice Tests are FREE to all CXU students who have registered for Online Courses.

Yes. Registering and creating an account for the CXU Testing options is free. You may register and return at any time to access the tests and make a purchase. With a CXU Test account, you can return to complete unfinished questions, browse previously completed questions, and more.

There are Two 50-Question Reviews for EACH Customer Experience Core Content Area for a grand total of 600 unique questions. Questions are randomly selected to avoid repeated questions. For the purchase of a single content area there is a total of 100 questions.

No. You are NOT timed while you answer the questions. The CXU Test site offers uniquely developed and comprehensive CX questions in the form of multiple choice options. Please note, however, the time limit you have is 90 days of access to the CX University Core Content Review questions. You must answer the questions during that time period.

Yes, as long as it is during the 90-day time period. However, after the 90 days, you will no longer have the ability to answer any more questions. However, you do have unlimited access to review completed questions via your Personal CXU Test Account History.

You will receive immediate results showing all questions along with the correct answers. In addition, you will receive an email showing the percentage and number of questions answered correctly out of 50. You may then decide to register for CXU Online courses.

Yes. You simply sign in to your CXU Test Account and choose My CXU Account History. You will have unlimited access to ALL of the Content Review questions you answered correctly or incorrectly. This access allows you to review CX content at your convenience.

Yes. When you have finished answering the multiple choice questions, the results are mailed directly to the email address you used to register for the CXU Testing account. The emailed results will include the percentage and number of questions answered correctly out of 50 for each Core Content Area Review you complete.