WEBINAR: Show me the numbers! Bridging the gap between CX measures and real financial outcomes

||WEBINAR: Show me the numbers! Bridging the gap between CX measures and real financial outcomes
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Financial customer experience webinar 2017

Show me the numbers! Bridging the Gap Between CX Measures and Real Financial Outcomes

Join Scott McCallister, CXU’s new VP of Consulting, in a live and free webinar to learn more about one of the CX discipline’s most glaring gap: getting hard numbers to support your CX initiatives.

Over the last fifteen years, many corporations have embraced the goal of creating a superior Customer Experience (CX). The principle is powerfully intuitive – customers that have an emotional attachment to your brand or products will buy more and build a reputation that attracts more customers.

The promise of growth and competitive advantage is so enticing that large investments have been made despite a weak business case for an attractive return. All CX gurus state that a connection to the company bottom-line is important, but few discuss the hard details on how to do that. The current business case for CX rests on weak correlation analyses.

To convince the C-Suite to sustain investment, CX initiatives must show a cause and effect relationship on revenue growth and profitability. Without quantitative evidence, CX principals risk becoming the latest business strategy fad.


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About the Presenter: Scott McCallister

Scott McCallister-Online Courses in Customer ExperienceScott McCallister is CX University’s new VP of Consulting and a senior executive who excels at working with science and technology experts to build strong businesses. Scott is a hands-on leader who establishes strong financial and operating discipline to define processes, measure progress and guide profitable delivery of products and services. He was COO at Clutch, a mobile application integrating shopping, loyalty, gifting and purchasing. He was as VP of business development and intellectual property at ZS Genetics, a company revolutionizing DNA sequencing systems for medical research. Scott holds an MBA in marketing from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. in mathematics from Dartmouth College.