CEW Digital Masterclass: Customer Success Means Business Success

||CEW Digital Masterclass: Customer Success Means Business Success
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Join active CX professionals like yourself at the Customer Experience World’s sponsored Digital Masterclass conference: Customer Success Means Business Success


In addition to deep insight into the digital world and case studies, the masterclass features three design sessions (interactive/workshop sections). We will use the Design Thinking process as a simple method to explore to digital problems and begin designing solutions. This brings two benefits:

  • All attendees get deep insights into cutting-edge thinking on the impacts of digital leadership, structure, culture and ways of working on customer experience.
  • All attendees will make use of a simple design thinking process on digital disruptive CX topics, barriers and issues to embed learning and begin applying it immediately to their own organizational contexts.

This combination of learning and doing creates additional value by role-modeling desirable leadership behaviors and encouraging a digital makers mindset.


Conference will be held at Amba Hotels, London.