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The Secret Sauce of CX Success

Only 30% of customer experience programs are a success. Why is that? What’s the secret sauce? And how can your business land among that 30%? Introduction We think of CX 1.0 as the first wave of the work, when companies were first starting to understand that there needed to be a dedicated function aimed at customers.

The market was still immature and dominated by flag-waving consultancies. CX 2.0 was the process of this getting to scale and technological tools and approaches, i.e. design thinking, becoming more normative. Metric approaches such as NPS and Customer effort score became popular. Emotion and sentiment, frictionless-ness and omni-channel integration became part of our language. And now we’ve arrived at CX 3.0.

The industry is embracing best practices, technology, methodologies, data, and design thinking. Component parts come together and point CX at business outcomes. Platforms are in place, as is big data, analytics, AI and open APIs. The silos are coming down between companies. It’s not just about a great experience but a great long-term relationship between stakeholders who co-create together and tie efforts to business returns.

CX has to start delivering tangible business benefits to organizations. This means thinking of new metrics and new ways to go forward as digitalization, the experience economy and platforms create new forms of value. What are you doing to make sure that your business is one of the those that actually succeed in delivering better business outcomes?


Benefits Of The Event

  • Apply practical insights immediately.
  • Learn what others in their industries are doing to promote business success.
  • Discover how CX 3.0 can advance your practice.
  • Apply tools to achieve success in your team/unit/subsidiary.