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Come learn with us at CX University!

Who we are at CXU and what we do:

Customer Experience (or CX for short) is everything you do for your customers, everything your business procedures do to them, and how it makes them feel. The more positive experiences you can create for your customers (both on and off-line), the more likely they’ll become brand ambassadors.

Much like Customer Experience (CX), Patient Experience (PX) focuses on the patient and family’s journey through the healthcare organization. The practice of PX is everything you do for your patients and their families, everything your organization’s procedures do to them, and how it makes them feel.

CX University was founded in 2015 and offers online training and professional development for people who want to learn the knowledge and skills to build positive customer experiences. CXU also offers college credits (through partnership with our higher education institution) and certification as a Customer Experience Specialist (CXS)™.

Learning at CXU is done completely online and at your own pace. We know your time is valuable as a professional, so our courses are independent study and mobile compatible. No assignment deadlines or meet up times, you are the owner of your learning.

The Employers’ Association (TEA) has partnered with CX University (CXU) to provide a virtual learning platform for developing the skills and knowledge to transform from a Customer Service focus to a Customer Experience and Patient Experience orientations.

The Online Courses at CXU can also be used as preparation for individuals interested in becoming a Customer Experience Specialist (CXS)™, Patient Experience Specialist (PXS), or a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP).

Online Course Descriptions

Each Online Course covers the essential knowledge and skills you need to master your discipline. Click on the course image to learn more.

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Patient Experience Courses

Customer Experience Professionals Association

Endorsed by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), our Online Courses have been approved as an Authorized Resource Training Provider (ART).

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We all have an impact on our client’s experience, even if we don’t interact with them everyday.

Earn Your Experience Specialist Certification

Exhibit your mastery and skill of the discipline. Earn your certificate through CX University.

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Your certificate is sent to you electronically so you can print and display. You’ll also receive the official badge as a png file so you can promote your success in your email signature and on your social accounts!

How to Earn your Customer Experience Specialist (CXS) or Patient Experience Specialist (PXS) Certificate:

  • Subscribe to the package and pricing plan for Customer or Patient Experience

  • Complete the Online Courses and prepare for the certification exam

  • Pass the certification exam (offered through CXU’s online testing portal) with a score of 80% or higher

Earn College Credits to Advance your Career

Earn 6 college credits granted through our partnering institution, Montgomery County Community College.

Get College Credits Online with Customer Experience courses:

  • Subscribe to the Online Course package and plan of your choosing and purchase the College Credit Add-On

  • Complete the Online Courses and prepare for the final, cumulative exam

  • Pass the final exam (offered through CXU’s online testing portal) with a score of 80% or higher

  • Enroll and request your transcript from Montgomery County Community College

  • Get more info by reading our FAQs page

College credits can be part of your business degree program (but be sure to check with your receiving institution about the transferring process).

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CX University is my choice for CX training!

“I just completed 6 CX University Courses on Customer Experience.  It was a positive experience for me to take these courses.  I was quite the novice starting out, but now I feel quite comfortable and proficient in my knowledge of the gains taking the courses.” – Janet Biedron, CEO/Administrator at LifeCare Hospitals