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The most comprehensive Customer Experience curriculum… now available translated in Spanish!

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CX University Online Courses in Customer Experience are brought to you in partnership with WOW! CX of Argentina.

WOW! CX is a leading company based in Argentina, specialized and focused in Customer Experience. They are enriching people’s lives by helping companies to transform its business approach with an outside–in vision, focusing efforts on what is really important for their customers.

WOW! CX is a corporate member of the CXPA.

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Comprehensive Online Courses in Spanish!

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Watch and listen as former student, Evis Rosales, shares her experience taking Online Courses as CX University.

“Thank you so much!! I am very excited as well and sincerely appreciate what you and CX University have helped us achieve! From the workshop to the e-learning module, we are well on our way to accomplishing our mission of helping every employee see that they play a role in driving customer loyalty.”

-Suzie Dieth, CCXP
Director of Customer Experience

“I had the opportunity to participate in the online courses with CX University.  I found the material and the resources very pertinent to the issues that we are dealing with today in customer experience.”

-Katie Christopherson – Atlanta, GA