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Expert guidance connecting CX metrics to ROI

CX University is offering consulting services focused on quantifying the financial benefits of CX initiatives.  

We believe this should be a critical deliverable for customer experience programs, but few companies know how to do it well.  

There are many consultants who help establish metrics for tracking, but the connection to bottom-line return on investment is weak.

Meet our CX Financial Measurement Consultant

Scott McCallister-Online Courses in Customer Experience

Scott McCallister, CX University’s VP of Consulting

Meet the business strategy leader with extensive experience in segmented financial analysis used to guide go-to-market and product portfolio investment decisions. He will apply these skills to measuring the return on investment (ROI) for customer experience initiatives.

“We believe the CX community needs more rigor in justifying its investments. Without that, there is a risk CX will become business management fad. Our consulting practice will show CX practitioners how to develop the hard numbers that convince a CFO to keep funding their programs.”

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How We Work with Clients

  • CXU consultants typically assume a role as program manager for a project.  
  • Our client appoints a lead liaison who participates in designing the work plan.  
  • Once the tasks and deliverables are laid-out, the liaison is responsible for having them assigned to the appropriate client personnel who form the project team.
  • The CXU consultants then ensure that the tasks are clearly understood and verify that any necessary on-going adjustments are consistent with the goals of the project.  
  • The program manager role continues to guide the team to a successful conclusion.

Which Consulting Service Do You Need?

CX Return on Investment Measure

This consulting service helps clients structure tests to determine whether CX initiatives have a positive effect on a company’s financial results.

The two basic types structures we help clients design are:

  1. actual results versus baseline expectations of a business segment, and
  2. actual results of a test group versus a control group.  

The ROI Measure Consulting Process

Consultants at CXU will work with you and your organization along each step of the way. With their expertise, they will structure the system in an efficient and results-driven manner so you can maximize your understanding of how CX is affecting your bottom line.

See the visual process in the graphic here:

ROI consulting for customer experience

Customer-Centric Business Intelligence Systems

Our consulting services support our belief that the best approach to measuring financial results from CX actions is to build a customer-centric business intelligence (“BI”) system.

The database would connect most business financials, CX touches, and demographic knowledge to individual customers.

  • Such a system allows a company to compare actual financial results of individuals or groups of customers who have specific CX exposures to similar customers who were not touched by a CX initiative.
  • Such a BI system will also facilitate broader strategic and tactical analyses for most business functions.

The possibilities for competitive advantage are exciting, but an organization must embrace the challenge of establishing, improving, and maintaining the integrity of the data.

The Customer Centric “BI” System Consulting Process

Your CXU Consultant will work hand in hand with you, your key stakeholders, and your organization at large to identify and implement the best-suited CC-BI System. And once the system has been put in place, we offer the follow up analysis and corrections to perfect your CX measurement tool.

See the visual graphic of the CC-BIS System and its breakdown of action steps:

Customer Centric Business Intelligent System measure infographic

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