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CX University is Accredited by the Customer Experience Professionals Association


 This isn’t just an ordinary logo. It represents a standard of excellence in Customer Experience and was awarded to CX University for upholding the rigors of the discipline.

After thorough review of CX University’s curriculum, CXU has been approved as an Authorized Resource Training Provider (ART) by the CXPA.

The Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) is a member-based professional organization that aims to increase the impact and visibility of Customer Experience practitioners. Read more about the CXPA here.

Why CXPA Members Choose CX University

Since I was already a member of the Customer Experience Professional Association (CXPA), I knew they had an Authorized Resource and Training Provider program. After reviewing their list of authorized training providers on their website, I decided to enroll in CX University.
Jeff Hursey, Cisco
I was quite the novice starting out, but now I feel quite comfortable and proficient in my knowledge of the gains taking the courses.
Katie Christopherson
I am very satisfied with CX University, as it is through their program that I received knowledge in the six core competencies needed to pass the CCXP exam. Further, CX University exceeded my expectations in that each module provided me with information and tools that I could immediately apply in my work.
Jeff Hursey, Cisco
I enrolled for the CX University’s CX Practice Tests two weeks before my CCXP exam. These tests immensely helped me solidify my understanding of the CX concepts and gave me great confidence to take the CCXP exam.
Dharani Milladi, CCXP