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Welcome to CX University

CX University is leading the way in Customer Experience training.

The digital age we live in has transformed how people learn and improve in their specialized fields; it has taken curiosity and continuing education to a higher stratosphere of learning and competition. As a lifelong learner, you deserve to know that we are just as invested in your advancing expertise as you are. You deserve to walk away with better skills and knowledge to handle all aspects of your career.

CX University is committed to helping you know more and be able to do more in the Consumer Experience and Employee Engagement fields. We offer a quality education that appropriately challenges you to gain knowledge and skills in the areas of customer experience strategy, customer centric culture, employee engagement, organizational adoption and accountability, and tapping into the voice of the customer.

CX University is globally-minded with customers learning and engaging around the world. CXU Partners span the world as well, building a community of CX professionals.

CX University Partners

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More about CXU

Our mission is to inspire and instill confidence through education and practice.
  • Build your knowledge in the CX discipline
  • Learn skills to perform your work better
  • Advance your career through education
  • Influence business performance
  • Increase talent
  • Improve business performance
  • Provide deep insights
  • Achieve innovative change

What We Do

We offer talent development and training in the ‘Experience’ disciplines to individuals and organizations. Learn online and on-the-go or gather your team for face-to-face facilitation, and gain skills that can be immediately applied to your work.

Some of Our Corporate Clients

Meet Our Team

Mohamed Latib

Founder and CEO
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Grow with us!

Mohamed is our “Dreamer.” He grew up on his own in a foreign country since he was thirteen. He has tracked lions in the Kalahari; hiked the Amazon; served as a professor for over 35 years, is familiar with eight languages, has traveled the globe, practices yoga daily, and is still growing because his disabled son reminds him that the development journey is a lifelong one.

CXU has been woven from all these threads- join us as we navigate the richness of our world together.

Janet Biedron

VP of Patient Experience Practice
megaphone hospital

Megaphone for Patients and Families!

Janet is an RN, MSN, MBA with 40 plus years of nursing and hospital administrative experience, 15 years as a hospital CEO. Constantly advocating for patients and their families no matter what role she has held. She has been at the bedside holding the hand of an elderly dying patient, coached scared teenage mothers through labor, celebrated recoveries, held a dead child in her arms, rejoiced in miracles, managed budgets.

She will never stop doing the right thing for patients and their families. Sometimes viewed as a “troublemaker” while pushing for the right thing. She has designed and implemented patient centric processes with a focus on healthcare providers and patients. She leads CXU’s program in Patient Experience (PX).

Joe Doherty

Chief Test Developer

Changing the Landscape of Education

Joe is our “Master of Logic.” He is the one who grounds our team in the vast field of knowledge and learning. Before CXU, he was a middle school educator for 25 years with experience as a teacher, curriculum writer, and content developer. During his tenure, he was a training specialist for hands-on, inquiry-based programs. Currently, Joe has stepped out of the classroom and is lending his expertise in the realm of online learning.

When he is not making an impact in education, he is on the greens playing a few rounds. He seems to think that he has more experience hitting the ball than is necessary, but you’ll have to test his golf knowledge to know the truth.

Kelsey Poe

Chief Marketing Officer

Creating the ‘Oh la la!’ Experience

Kelsey is our “Lover of Aesthetics.” Kelsey thought she could only love education, but as it turns out, she loves anything that reminds her of the beauty and wisdom in the world. She has a Master’s degree in Educational Counseling and worked with at-risk high school students as a teacher and counselor. She’s also a published author, widows advocate, and novice French speaker.

Kelsey plays a key role in imprinting the value and attraction of CXU in the minds of our audience, which is often done with French allure as she works from Paris next to the Eiffel Tower.