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Action Learning Workshops

custom corporate customer experience training

Action Learning Workshops + Custom eModules

Reliant Energy: A Case Study

Reliant Energy is a subsidiary of NRG, a Fortune 200 company that provides electricity to a large segment of Texas and surrounding states. They serve over 1.5 million residents.

Read about Reliant

Engage by doing.

CX University workshops are action-oriented, where participants learn by doing, transferring skills to the job for immediate application.

  • Attract and retain top talent who will develop into longterm leaders

  • Integrate best practices into tangible business outcomes

  • Empower internal advocates who are passionate about your brand

  • Break down problems and rebuild into customer-centered solutions

  • Understand Experience design and restructure iterative processes

  • Create the ideal organization that knows how to captivate its audience

“I am very excited and sincerely appreciate what you and CX University have helped us achieve! From the workshop to the e-learning module, we are well on our way to accomplishing our mission of helping every employee see that they play a role in driving customer loyalty.”

Suzie Dieth, CCXP, Reliant Energy

“I think it’s really good, and one of the better online learning courses I’ve seen.”

Scott Burns, Senior Director, Reliant Services/Allied Warranty and Customer Experience

Online Courses in CX and PX

Delaware North: A Case Study

Delaware North, one of the largest privately held companies in the Forbes list provides services in the gaming, food, and lodging services globally.

Delaware North’s Case Study
customer corporate experience training

Online Courses + Action Learning Workshops

Online Courses in Customer or Patient Experience

Register learners in a subscription plan or purchase an annual package designed specifically to motivate and train an organization.

Get more information and review the CX 500 Series Online Course Guide:

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eLearning Modules

Custom-Designed eModules

Konica Minolta: The Final Case Study

Konica Minolta is a large, Japanese-based organization with locations in 50 countries. They have a goal to create new value for their customers by providing products and services by “Giving Shape to Ideas,” a pledge they have for their customers.

Discover Konica Minolta’s Story

What are eLearning Modules?

Corporate eLearning

Work with our eLearning and Experience experts to create training modules for your team or organization.

White Label

Your company logo, branding, and messaging seamlessly woven into learning modules.

Custom Designed

Include a leadership message and integrate as much or as little company policy, training topics, etc. as you like.

eLearning Modules Contain:

  • Time saving training modules with short, digestible lessons

  • Intuitive navigation

  • Professional voiceover

  • Supportive videos, tables, and graphics

  • Interactive activities and playbooks

  • Knowledge checks and assessments

Design Mind eModule demo

Learn about CX and Design Thinking with our free eLearning demo!

eLearning: brief, digestible eModules distributed throughout the organization

Logistical sense. Economical sense. Offering eModules across your organization will have a lasting professional development impact. Learners tune in when it’s convenient for them, limiting time away from their main responsibilities.

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